Web3.0 Acent, the first multi-chain network browser to expand decentralized ecosystem

6 min readNov 18, 2021
Image: Acent tech

Despite various government regulations, the blockchain ecosystem is growing at an unstoppable speed. The first ecosystem that comes to mind is Ethereum, which has spurred hundreds of thousands blockchain projects with Ethereum mainnet.

However, people no longer look for typical blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano. Following Ethereum footsteps, various ERC-20-based tokens are developing from tokens to coins by creating own ecosystems, led by roadmaps and chain systems.

The adoption of blockchain technology in various fields is increasing due to the characteristics and advantages, including but not limited to security, transparency, and speed. However, in reality many general users still have low access to the blockchain platform. Users who enjoy NFT and De-Fi, which are popular keywords in the blockchain industry, are not that many. Those people are already on the forefront of the trend, leading it. This article aims to demonstrate benefits what Acent can offer to participants and developers through its own mainnet ecosystem by catalyzing blockchain’s mass adoption!

WEB 3.0 Acent, Mainnet Development.

Image: Acent Testnet

As you probably already know, Acent’s WEB 3.0-based Osiris browser is designed to be the most compatible with blockchain. Acent mainnet will be compatible with user-friendly web browser for the first time, providing an opportunity to contribute to the expansion of the ecosystem by building dApps through its mainnet. In addition, depending on the advantage of the Osiris browser, natural dApp operation, easy and safe cryptocurrency transactions, and user accessibility and convenience can also be improved.

Acent mainnet is operated in a POSA (Proof of Stake Authority) method, and Nitro (fees) from all economic activities generated in the Acent network are accumulated in ASAP (Acent Substance Accumulation Pool). Users who have proven staking according to the POSA consensus and have contributed to Acent ecosystem activities will be rewarded with ACE for the Nitro accumulated in ASAP. More they participate in economic activities such as POSA agreements and De-Fi, the more ACE will be rewarded.

Solve transaction delay problem through self-developed architecture

Major coins, which have been around for years, like Ethereum, have been a hot topic recently due to the noticeable slowdown in transaction and high gas fees. Ethereum has set a goal of “Ethereum 2.0” to improve TPS speed and overcome other limitations. Acent’s own OCEAN (Osiris Crypto Engine Acent iNterface) handles cryptocurrency transactions in the ecosystem and is designed to solve transaction delays, improve TPS and provide low fees.

WEB 3.0 blockchain Metaverse

Image: Popular Virtual World Platforms

Recently there has been various explanations and concepts of metaverse, indicating that the metaverse era will be in full swing from next year. Hence, many corporate institutions are already mulling to use metaverse for their business.

The number of users who are already active in the metaverse world such as Sandbox, Roblox, Fortnite, and ZEPETO is quite large, reaching hundreds of millions. Of course, playing games and having fun in the metaverse is important, but in order to realize a true blockchain metaverse, the following elements must be met.

Metaverse to immerse reality

Image: “Free Guy’’ movie

High-end games that are very immersive in reality are continuously being developed to the extent that it is difficult to distinguish whether this is a game or a movie. It stimulates our thoughts and emotions as if the character in the game is really us.

Even though the various games currently released on the Metaverse platform do not have excellent graphics, hundreds of millions of users participate and express themselves. If we can develop a much better high-end metaverse, we will be able to provide a satisfying metaverse world that users can enjoy.

Acent’s ODIN (Osiris Desktop application INterface) uses sophisticated technology and holistically manages overall optimization and execution processing, including high-resolution platforms and game installations, without sacrificing the quality, security, and speed of the blockchain platform.

When developing games & platforms in Acent, you can build high-spec graphic games similar to game engines developed through Unity or Unreal Engine, providing users with a new level of metaverse experience with high immersion in reality.

Until when should game developers only release games with high graphics? Existing game developers can develop and release new blockchain games in high-end terms through Acent, as well as use advantages of our blockchain.

Decentralized economic system formation

Image: Lineage 1, once very popular game

Existing virtual world platforms and games create their own digital currency and use it for transactions. In the virtual world, economic activity has been done through games for a long time, but it was a centralized system that made it difficult to directly cash or secure ownership of assets.

However, with the Metaverse is built on the Acent blockchain network, it will provide an environment where anyone can easily and safely trade various currencies and NFTs. It is all made possible through the linking of the metawallet built into the Osiris browser. Furthermore, users can issue and trade NFTs made of clothes, buildings, objects, others and can also have property rights and ownership of these digital assets.

Whereas in the past, money was spent to enjoy games, NOW it is the era of ‘Play-to-Earn’ (P2E), which enables users to earn money while enjoying games. To put it another words, new high-profit jobs are emerging on the metaverse. Since you become a consumer and a producer at the same time, you can imagine the formation of a new social and market economy system in the blockchain metaverse through Acent Mainnet.

dAppstore where P2E games and platforms come together

Image: dAppstore’s main screen

Through its partnership with the dAppstore, Acent has secured access to browser users to find and experience play-to-earn (P2E) games more easily.

dAppstoreis is a one-stop dApp marketplace where you can experience not only ‘Your Earth’, which allows you to purchase real estate digital assets and create a metaverse world, but also Dapp Arcade, which provides retro-style games with P2E, and services such as NFT and De-Fi in one place. Acent continues to grow its potential by naturally providing blockchain services and experiences to Internet users through the linkage between the Osiris browser and the dAppstore.

* Summary

1) Acent is supported by a user-friendly browser that is highly scalable to the masses and naturally connects blockchain to users.

2) Improves user security, accessibility and convenience through the Acent Browser mainnet, and rewards users according to their contributions.

3) OCEAN technology solves blockchain slow processing speed and high fee issues.

4) Through ODIN technology, a metaverse platform with high immersion of reality to be released, and it can be run in the Osiris browser.

5) Influx of users into the new P2E world through dAppstore integration in the Osiris browser

Acent aims to provide user-centered Internet service by establishing a token economy that combines a blockchain-based Web 3.0 browser.

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