3 min readJun 21, 2021


Hello everyone, this is the ACENT team.😃

Today we would like to announce an amazing news.

We have launched new Osiris Browser Version 2.2.2 for Windows!

Our team is doing the best to provide an utmost convenient browsing experience for its users around the world.

This upgrade greatly improves the functionality of Osiris Windows Browser. More than ever, New Version 2.2.2 will satisfy users.

Improved features are as follows:

Osiris Browser for Windows Version 2.2.2 Release

[Upgrade] Higher efficiency for common desktops. Chromium codebase enables Osiris to have substantially shorter load times compared to Osiris Muon. Expect Osiris chromium to deliver around 40% increase in efficiency for devices connected to fast 3G connection compared to non-Osiris browsers.

[Upgrade] Better CPU utilization. Osiris Chromium has better CPU utilization with all computationally intensive tasks. It also runs faster across all tested websites and configurations compared to Osiris Muon, and gives better component initiation, performance, and experience.

[Upgrade] Improved Ad blocking capability. The Osiris Armor’s recent update allows users to browse with better security.

[New] User-friendly UI. Osiris provides a more intuitive user interface.

[New] Multi-cryptocurrency Wallet. The Osiris Metawallet integration allows user to maximize their usage of the Osiris browser.


  • Improved Osiris Armor privacy protection functionality
    A. Automatic HTTPS upgrades
    B. Upgraded script interception
    C. New device identity protection
    D. Removed Phishing/Malware support
  • dAppstore integration
    A. dAppstore is the most powerful blockchain-agnostic application soon to be rendered within the Acent mainnet.
    B. dAppstore will support most major blockchains
    C. dAppstore is powered by DAPPX for purchases, community activities, rewards, business services, NFT trades, and much more.
  • Improved ads block engine
    A. Compatibility expansion for video and banner ads
  • Acent Metawallet Intergration
    A. 100% compatible with Ethereum mainnet
    B. Acent mainnet integration preliminary foundation — ACENT erc20 support
    C. DAPPX erc20 — soon to be migrated to ACENT mainnet
    D. Implementation of foundation for blockchain agnostic rendering support for BITCOIN, TRON, POLKADOT and other networks (soon to be released)
  • Improved UI design reflecting sacred geometric proportions applying Fibonacci and pie ratios
  • Supports unlimited number of tabs
  • Chromium-based functionality enhancements
  • Chrome extension support
  • Faster website and web application loading speeds through resource management optimization
  • Efficient CPU utilization for better performance
  • Integration of in-app task manager for failing components.

⚡️How to Install New Osiris⚡️
1. Delete the old version
2. Download the new version from the homepage
3. Install the new version


Acent aims to provide User-Centered Internet Service by establishing a token economy that combines a blockchain-based Web 3.0 browser.

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